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Ponsse Plc´s customer letter on 27th of March 2020: How to disinfect the cabin


Dear Customer,

We have been asked to provide instructions on how to disinfect cabins of PONSSE forest machines. We also comply with these instructions in our service businesses before we deliver maintained machines to our customers and before we deliver trade-in and new forest machines.

Coronavirus spreads through droplet transmission and remains infectious on different surfaces from a few hours up to several days. In the forest machine cabin, which may be accessed by more than one operator or service mechanic during a single day, the risk of spreading coronavirus is elevated. We can reduce this risk by following simple steps.



Primarily, a 70% ethanol/water mixture or other cleaning agent with an ethanol content of more than 60%, approved for cleaning and the disinfection of surfaces (an ethanol content of more than 60% is required to destroy the virus), should be used. If ethanol-based cleaning agents are not available, the secondary option is to use a hydrogen peroxide-containing (e.g. 0.5%) or chlorine-containing (e.g. sodium hypochlorite 0.1%) agent approved for cleaning and disinfection. Over long-term use, these cleaning agents may affect cabin surfaces.

You also need a refillable spray bottle, tissue paper and protective gloves.


How to disinfect the cabin:

  • Clean the cabin and put everything in their correct place to make disinfecting easier
  • Use a water/ethanol mixture with an ethanol content of at least 70%
  • Spray and dry armrests, levers and handles, and other contact surfaces. However, do not apply too much cleaning agent onto surfaces, as the ethanol mixture may react with rubber compounds, such as the floor mat and armrest cushions.
  • Spray and wipe all control buttons. Also remember the radio and heater clock
  • Spray and wipe the computer, keyboard and mouse
  • Spray and wipe all windows from the inside
  • Spray and dry all handles both inside and outside the cabin
  • Spray and dry all handles of the stairs and engine cover
  • Discard all used tissues and protective gloves
  • Wash your hands!


Cleaning instructions for other work facilities, such as offices and service centres:

  • Facilities must always be cleaned starting from the cleanest area towards the dirtiest area.
  • All frequently touched surfaces (such as door handles, armrests, tables, light switches, faucet handles) must be cleaned thoroughly and frequently. Public areas, in which many people can touch different surfaces, must be cleaned several times a day. If possible, contact surfaces should be cleaned every two to four hours during the epidemic.
  • Public areas in workplaces must be cleaned using different equipment that is used in personnel facilities. 
  • A mildly alkaline universal cleaning agent should be used. In sanitary facilities, a disinfectant can also be used to produce a better cleaning result. 
  • When cleaning surfaces, protect your hands using gloves. After cleaning, wash the gloves thoroughly and dry them or replace them.  
  • Use, for example, leakproof disposable gloves.
  • Cleaning equipment must be cleaned thoroughly after cleaning. 
  • Place easily removable and leakproof bags into rubbish bins. Monitor all rubbish bins and do not allow them to be more than three-quarters full. Rubbish bins must be emptied every day, especially in public areas. Discard sealed rubbish bags as incinerated mixed waste. 
  • Wash your hands up to your elbows using water and soap. 


Vieremällä, 27 March 2020

Kind regards,