Iivo Niskanen

Iivo Niskanen

Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu
Date of birth: 12 January 1992

Iivo Niskanen, age 22, has enjoyed skiing since he was a little boy, and he used to ski to school. His sister, Kerttu, inspired him to start competitive skiing.

"I have always been the most successful at skiing and my focus has always been on this sport. Even when I was young, I dreamed of the highest accomplishment, and still do so. This was what Iivo thought in late winter in 2013.

Iivo Niskanen, a member of the Finnish national skiing team, is one of the top Finnish skiers in his age group. The start of his training season was hampered by a powerful virus which extensively affected his condition.

"After Christmas, my condition started to pick up day by day.

That happened really fast! Iivo was superior over big names at important competitions and reached his main goal for this season: making the Finnish team for the Sochi Olympics. He has achieved the first stage of his dream. "Being selected for the team is a really big thing for me," says Iivo.

In Sochi, Iivo will have the opportunity to reach out to the next stage of his dream: winning a gold medal at the Olympics!

Achievements in 2010-2014

Major events
Golden metal in Sochi Olympics 2014 (team skiing classic)
4th in Sochi Olympics 2014 (M, 15 km classic)
Golden medal in the Junior World Championships 2014 (M23, 15 km classic)
8th in World Championships 2014 (M, 15 km classic)
4th in the Junior World Championships 2012 (10 km , classic)
7th in the Junior World Championships 2011 (M20, sprint, classic)
15th in the Junior World Championships 2011 (M20, 20 km combi)
7th in the Junior World Championships 2010 (M20, 10 km classic)
14th in the Junior World Championships 2010 (M20, 20 km classic + free)

Finnish Championships
5th in 2014 (M, 30 km classic)
Gold in 2014 (4x10 km cross-country team)
4th in 2014 (M, 10 km free)
Silver in 2014 cross-country team sprint
Silver Finnish Championships sprint in 2014
4th in the Finnish Championships Men's Relay in 2013 (M, 10 km, classic)
Gold metal in Finnish Championship in 2013
Gold and bronze medal in the Junior Finnish Championships (M20) in 2011
Five gold medals in the Finnish Junior Championships (M18 and M20) in 2010