PONSSE Firefighting Equipment Webinar

Ponsse Firefighting Equipment Webinar

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Ponsse Firefighting Equipment Webinar Series

Ponsse is introducing new firefighting equipment to be installed in the load space of a forwarder for extinguishing wildfires. The accessory, designed for Ponsse forwarders, utilizes the forest machines’ excellent terrain properties, load-carrying capacity and smooth movement in the forest, as well as efficient hydraulics. The firefighting equipment is delivered to the fire location as a single package – and after it has been connected to forest machine hydraulics, the equipment is ready to operate.

Join our PONSSE Firefighting Equipment Webinar to learn more about this new tailored solution.

We are arranging several webinars in different languages, time and date. Choose best option for you by clicking the suitable date & time.


Date & Time (EET) Language of the webinar
23.11.20 12:00-13:00 Finnish
24.11.20 10:00-11:00 English
27.11.20 09:00-10:00 Swedish
27.11.20 11:00-12:00 Russian
27.11.20 13:00-14:00 Portuguese
27.11.20 15:00-16:00 Spanish


The local rescue department is responsible for planning fire-fighting activities. A properly trained rescue employee is responsible for the safety of firefighting. Rescue personnel operate the fire-fighting equipment and guide the forest machine operator’s actions when putting out fires. PONSSE firefighting equipment complies with the requirements of the European Union Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Before the firefighting equipment is placed on the market outside the EU the local distributor (e.g. subsidiary, authorized dealer) needs to ensure that the equipment fulfills the local laws and regulations.