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Powrót The carbon footprint of each product in Ponsse’s new clothing collection has been calculated

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The carbon footprint of each product in Ponsse’s new clothing collection has been calculated

Ponsse is launching a new clothing collection, in which the carbon footprint has been calculated for each product. The collection is designed together with clothing brand Finsket, and its products are made in Kokkola using renewable energy.

Sustainable development steers Ponsse’s all operations and, being an innovative leader in its industry, the company also bears responsibility for the environment and the wellbeing of forests. By calculating the carbon footprint of the Ponsse x Finsket collection’s products, customers can identify the impact of their choices.

“We wanted to push the Ponsse Collection in a more sustainable direction, and this partnership with Finsket is a concrete step towards this goal. We want to help our customers make sustainable choices,” says Laura Kouvalainen, team leader of Ponsse’s Brand Experience.

“Transparency offers comparable data to consider our own choices”

As a mere number, the carbon footprint can be difficult to perceive, but it can be converted into a more understandable format, such as the number of kilometres driven or the energy required to heat up a sauna.

“Transparency offers comparable data to consider our own choices. I can honestly say that the collection’s ethical and quality standards are unparalleled,” says Juha Järvinen, brand director at Finsket.

HW-Company, Ponsse’s long-term partner in the Ponsse Collection, has been an inseparable part of the partnership between Ponsse and Finsket and the design of the new collection.

“It’s wonderful to work with companies whose values are made concrete in their actions. As a result of this partnership, we can offer better and more sustainable solutions, while increasing consumers’ awareness through carbon footprint calculations,” says Kristiina Paananen, sales manager at HW-Company.

Ponsse Dog plays the leading role in the collection

The Ponsse x Finsket collection’s design features Ponsse’s forest machines and pieces of its history. Ponsse Dog, the dog behind the company’s name, plays the leading role and is the face of the new collection. The collection is designed by Juha Järvinen, brand director at Finsket, and clothing designer Paula Isopahkala.

“Summarising such a multifaceted history in such a simple idea always requires unmerciful elimination. We were able to collate Ponsse’s story so that it is narrated not only by the collection, but also by each product. The collection offers a new way to make Ponsse’s values real – you don’t need to own a forest machine to feel the Ponsse spirit,” Järvinen says, characterising the collection.

The Ponsse x Finsket collection will be launched at the FinnMetko 2022 exhibition in September, and all its products will be available for sale in the online Ponsse Shop and at Ponsse’s service centres in Finland. The collection includes comfortable clothes for adults and merino wool beanies for adults and children. The partnership between Ponsse and Finsket will continue: the aim is to expand the collection with new products.


Further information:

Laura Kouvalainen
Brand Experience team leader, Ponsse Plc
+358 40 721 1548


Juha Järvinen
Brand director, Finsket
+358 40 555 4458


Kristiina Paananen
Sales manager, HW-Company
+358 45 663 5118