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angle-left Ponsse opened a new service centre in Oulu
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Ponsse opened a new service centre in Oulu

The expansion of operations in Oulu is driven by the desire to bring Ponsse’s services closer to the customers in the area. Spare parts, forest machine accessories and maintenance services will now be available to the customers in Oulu even faster. Our competent personnel in machine sales will also provide services to the customers.  

“The service centre also allows us bring spare parts and our services closer to our customers in Oulu. The range of spare parts we offer at the Oulu centre is based on the machinery working in the area. This helps us to provide a better level of service to local customers”, says Jani Liukkonen, Country Manager, Finland.  

We offer a comprehensive package of Ponsse services to the customers in Oulu. The services at the centre include a wide range of spare parts and forest machine accessories, machine sales, extensive field maintenance and Ponsse Shop. In addition to the forest machine accessories, Ponsse Shop sells high-quality clothes for work and leisure.  

Two experienced forestry service technicians and a spare parts salesman assist the customers at the centre. Since 2017, Ponsse Northern Express service has also been operating in the area. It is a customer-friendly freight service for delivering spare parts for forest machines. 

The Oulu’s new customer service centre is located in Rusko, a suburb of Oulu, at Laakeritie 7B. The site is conveniently located near Kuusamontie (highway 20).  

Ponsse's service network in Finland includes a total of 24 offices, employing about 200 experts. Ponsse's market share in Finland is more than 45 per cent. 

The international Ponsse maintenance network consists of 235 service centres. All PONSSE service centres are situated in central locations to accommodate our both customers’ operations and logistics. 

More information:

Ponsse Finland, Country Manager Jani Liukkonen  
tel. 040 095 3847,