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PONSSE Parts Online added to PONSSE Manager

The addition of PONSSE Parts Online to PONSSE Manager makes the daily activities of forest machine entrepreneurs easier. Customers can order spare parts, browse spare parts manuals and instruction manuals, and monitor machine-specific notes behind one single user ID. Spare parts can be ordered directly from any PONSSE service centre, round the clock.

PONSSE Manager is a data management system with continuously developing features. With PONSSE Manager, entrepreneurs can monitor the progress of stands, print measuring certificates, plan and control machine transportation, and monitor machine production per assortment. What is more, PONSSE Manager reports total working hours, effective working hours, breaks, productivity and fuel consumption for completed shifts. PONSSE Manager displays engine hours, reports service notes registered by operators and supports the planning of machine maintenance by calculating the engine hours remaining until next maintenance.

To support their daily operations, forest machine entrepreneurs and productive forest machines need a reliable partner that can offer solutions that support the business operations of its customer. Ponsse has been a forerunner in forest machines and their telecommunications solutions for decades. Ponsse introduced the first computers on its forest machines in 1992, at which point it was already possible to transfer data between the machine and the office over the NMT network. In 1997, machines were for the first time connected to the Internet, which was a revolutionary innovation in the field.

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Dedicated to Cut-To-Length logging

Dedicated to Cut-To-Length logging

We are a Logger´s Best Friend – and for a very good reason! Our innovative harvesting solutions that follow the principles of sustainable development are always produced specifically for each customer: our mission is to help to improve our customers’ business by providing reliable products and services.

Our R&D activities never stop – this ensures that we remain number one. Ponsse designs its machines together with their users. In this way, our products cater to the needs of every customer in all conditions. This is why Ponsse’s products are also tested constantly. We want to keep earning our customers’ trust.

Ponsse specialises in cut-to-length forest machines and their information systems. We also offer high-quality maintenance, spare parts and trade-in machines – safely and reliably. Contact us!

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Providing even higher quality, productivity, flexibility and safety for our customers worldwide.

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Ponsse is a family company whose roots are deep in the Finnish countryside.
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The cut-to-length method is a modern, nature-friendly logging method.
Ponsse provides you with the best tools for all tree species and harvesting environments.

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