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Tero Pitkämäki is Finnish Athlete of the Year 2015

Javelin thrower Tero Pitkämäki, a long-term partner of Ponsse, was yesterday nominated the Athlete of the Year in Finland.  Pitkämäki had an unforgettable season: he claimed the bronze medal at the Beijing World Championships, won the overall competition in the Diamond League and delivered consistently good results throughout the season.

Pitkämäki's sporting success in 2015 was crowned by his selection as the Athlete of the Year at the Finnish Sports Gala in Helsinki on Tuesday. The 32-year-old javelin thrower was awarded with clearly the most first places (102) in the vote.

“There are many athletes who deserved this prize. I wish every single athlete a successful Olympic year,”Tero Pitkämäki said in his victory speech. “When preparing for this season I’ve been mainly thinking of going beyond the 90-metre line.”

“The nomination of Tero Pitkämäki as the Athlete of the Year was also a wonderful moment for everyone at Ponsse,” says Juha Vidgrén, chairman of the Board of Directors of Ponsse Plc. “His successful career has not been without hardships, as Tero also mentioned in his victory speech. Nevertheless, he has been able to overcome them by working hard and believing in himself. That shows an example to us all.

This was the third nomination as the Athlete of the Year for Tero, which is an unprecedented achievement in Finland. And Ponsse claimed its third nomination in a row as a sponsor as the last year's title was awarded to Olympic skier Iivo Niskanen, with Tero again claiming the prize in 2013. Way to go!”

Pitkämäki has had an exceptional career. His previous Athlete of the Year titles followed gold and silver medals won at World Championships in 2007 and 2013. The partnership between Ponsse and Pitkämäki started from the 2004 Kalevan Kisat Finnish Championships.

Congratulations to Tero Pitkämäki and thank you for your good cooperation! The journey to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro continues!

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