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Ponsse's 12,000th forest machine completed

On 21 February, the 12,000th PONSSE forest machine was handed over to the
customer at  Ponsse's Vieremä factory.  The PONSSE ScorpionKing was received by
a French family company called Sarl NC Bois from Trémilly. 

“We have co-operated with NC Bois for a decade and I am very glad to be
celebrating the 12,000th forest machine with our French customer. Last year was
our best year of operations in France of all times, and our market share in
France has developed positively. Furthermore, this milestone is for us as a
Finnish company a great beginning to Finland's centennial year,” says Jarmo
Vidgrén, Ponsse's sales and marketing director. 

At the moment, a new PONSSE service centre, which will be opened in the spring,
is being built in Labouheyre in southern France. The service centre is a part
of this year's large investments in the service network and development and
expansion of the production facilities. This year, new service centres will be
completed in Ponsse's subsidiaries in the UK, Uruguay and France. 

In France, Ponsse has three of their own service centres and some authorised
service partners. The subsidiary Ponssé S.A.S. has been responsible for
Ponsse's operations in France since 1996. 

Family business as an asset

Sarl NC Bois, that today received the 12,000th PONSSE forest machine in Vieremä
is a harvesting company established by two brothers, Nicolas and Mickael Cuny.
The company started operating in 2007 with a used PONSSE HS16 harvester. In
2008, the brothers' father Claude Cuny joined in the business, and the
following year, even a third brother, Billy Cuny, joined in. On an annual
basis, Sarl NC Bois harvests and buys 50,000 m³ of wood with net sales of over
EUR 2 million. 

“Being a family company is an important asset for us,” Nicolas and Michael Cuny

The company can be described as a pioneer in machine acquisitions in France. In
2009, the company acquired the first eight-wheel Ergo in France, and the PONSSE
ScorpionKing harvester acquired in 2014 was one of the first in France. At the
moment, NC Bois is logging with ten PONSSE machines. 

In total, Ponsse has manufactured about 450 PONSSE Scorpion harvesters that
came into production in 2014, and has delivered machines into 20 countries. 

Vieremä, 21 February 2017


Jarmo Vidgrén
Sales and Marketing Director

Jarmo Vidgrén, Ponsse Plc's Sales and Marketing Director, tel. +358 40 519 1486
Clément Puybaret, CEO, Ponssé S.A.S., tel. +33 60 745 6370


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