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Kerttu and Iivo Niskanen at Sochi Winter Olympics

The Vieremä-based cross-country skiers Kerttu and Iivo Niskanen have both qualified for the Sochi Winter Olympics!

Kerttu Niskanen (age 25), already previously invited to join the Finnish Olympic Team, has shown her skills on the Tour de Ski, for example, this season. On the Tour de Ski, which took place in Lenzerheide in Switzerland, she won the 10 km Classic event. In fact, in Sochi, Kerttu is one of the potential medallists, especially in her favourite 10 km Classic event.

Iivo Niskanen (age 22), who won second place in the spring competition of the Keuruu leg of the Finnish Cup in cross-country skiing last weekend, was invited to take part in the Sochi Olympics on Monday. This is the first season for Iivo, the youngest member of the Finnish Olympics Team, in the cross-country skiing A team.

The whole family of skiing siblings, led by parents Tarja and Eero Niskanen, will accompany them to the Olympics to cheer them and maintain their equipment.

The Finnish team currently has a total of 32 individual athletes and 46 ice-hockey players. The estimated final number of members in the Finnish team is 100–110. The Winter Olympics, hosted by Russia for the first time, will begin in Sochi on 7 February and will end on 23 February. There will be a record high number of sports at this Olympics: a total of 98 disciplines. Twelve of these disciplines are totally new and nine of them are skiing sports. Women's ski-jumping, for example, will now take place at the Olympics for the very first time.

Good luck, Kerttu and Iivo!