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Greetings from Ponsse UK - January-March 2019



Ponsse has offered its customers service agreements for over ten years. Over the years the agreements have been developed
according to the advancement of machines and customer needs. To date, a total of 720 PONSSE Active Care service agreements and 300 PONSSE Active Care+ additional cover agreements have been made worldwide. “Forest machines develop rapidly and the pace of development is not going to slow down. The service of these machines also requires more expertise and new types of tools. When a customer brings their machine to an authorised PONSSE service centre, they can trust that the service work is always done by a professional mechanic.

All service procedures are documented in the machine’s service history, which increases its resale value,” says Harri Saarela who is responsible for the global development of PONSSE service agreements. While Ponsse takes care of scheduled service
and machine optimisation, customers can focus on harvesting. It is fair to say that the PONSSE Active Care service agreement is the best service for forest machine companies. With the additional cover, customers can add to their normal service agreement and extend the warranty for parts. Active Care+ fully covers all main components, computers and control modules.

Regular service defined in service agreements directly translates into improved machine performance and thus better productivity. Modern forest machines also require more and more information system upgrades in addition to mechanical upgrades and they are always checked as part of service. Correct adjustments and settings improve machine productivity and fuel efficiency in line with our Boost/Save philosophy.

The PONSSE Active Care service agreement includes both Basic and Complete service procedures. They include preventative service work on the engine, pumpgear box, transfer box, front axles, bogies,middle pivot, cooling, hydraulic and electrical systems as well as checking the greasing of the machine and, for example, tire pressures. Additional work can
be agreed on separately.

A fixed-price agreement is a major benefit for a customer from a financial perspective. The agreed prices will remain unchanged during the validity of the Active Care service agreement (3 years / 7,200 hrs)even if raw material costs increase. When combined with the additional Active Care+cover for a new machine, the customer will know the exact service costs and avoid unpleasant extra costs. “When talking about the cost-effectiveness of service agreements, you should also take into consideration the costs of service facilities. PONSSE service agreement customers don’t have to invest inservice facilities, warehouses for spareparts or separate tools. Last but not least,customers also earn bonuses for service agreement purchases in countries wherethe PONSSE bonus system is used,” Harri Saarela adds.

The service agreement is also available for older PONSSE forest machines. Request a quotation from your nearest sales or through the PONSSE Service Application.

Ponsse UK low loader and low loader driver ready for service

Back in October 2018 Ponsse UK added a new addition to the team. We are happy to announce that we have our very own Ponsse UK low loader on the road. Derek Duff is our Ponsse UK low loader driver. Derek has been in the low loader trade for many years and has experience transporting machines.

The Low loader is available to hire to all new and existing customers. Please contact Ponsse UK for more information.