Kerttu Niskanen

Kerttu Niskanen

Vieremän Koitto
Date of birth: 13 June 1988

A member of the Finnish National A Team, Kerttu Niskanen has already accumulated several World Cup starts during the past few years. Through experience, she has also improved her results.

Kerttu took her first World Cup victory at a Tour de Ski competition in Lenzerheide on 1 January 2014. The competition was a 10 km Classic, where all participants started skiing at the same time. She was fifth in the overall Tour de Ski competition.

In Finland, Kerttu won her first Finnish National Medal in the senior 30 km Classic in 2011. In the Junior World Championship, Kerttu won the gold medal in the sprint race and the bronze medal in the combined classic and skate race. The season's high point was her first start in a senior race at the Oslo World Championship race, where she finished eighth among tough competition.

At present, competition in the national team is tough – a fact that motivates Kerttu to train even harder.
"The national team now includes seven women who are competing for a chance to participate in the World Cup races. You have to work very hard throughout the season to earn your place in the Cup events."

Achievements in 2010-2014

Major events
4th in Sochi Olympics 2014 (W, 30 km free)
Silver in Sochi Olympics 2014 (W cross-country team sprint clssic)
Silver in Sochi Olympics 2014 (4x5 km, 2 classic + 2 free)
6th in Sochi Olympics (W 7,5 km classic + 7,5 km free)
9th in the World Championships 2013 (W, 30 km classic)
8th in the World Championships 2011 (W, 10 km classic)
Golden medal in the Junior World Championships 2011 (W23, sprint, classic)
1st in the Junior World Championships 2010 (W23, 10 km classic)
7th in the Junior World Championships 2010 (W23, 15 km classic + free)

Finnish Championships
Gold in 2014 (W, 20 km free)
2th in 2014 (W, 3x5 km cross-country team)
Gold in 2014 (W, 5 km free)
Bronze in 2014 (W, 15 km classic)
Bronze in 2014 (sprint)
Gold in 2011 (W, 30 km classic)
Gold in the Finnish Junior Championships 2010 (W23, 5 km classic)
Silver in the Finnish Junior Championships 2010 (W23, 10 km free)
4th in the Finnish Championships 2010 (W, 30 km classic)

Best achievement in a World Cup event
1. 10 km classic, Lenzerheiden, Switzerland 2014
3. classic sprint, Stockholm, Sweden 2013
9th in 10 km classic, Otepää, Estonia, 2012
4th in couples sprint, Liberec, the Czech Republic, 2011