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angle-left Ponsse introduces new technology for productivity and ergonomics

Ponsse introduces new technology for productivity and ergonomics

Ponsse offers the broadest range of products in the market for cut-to-length logging. The new PONSSE model series will be introduced at the Elmia Wood 2017 exhibition in its full glory. Solutions that focus especially on improving the operator's performance and comfort supplement the new model series.

The PONSSE Scorpion harvester, the flagship of the new PONSSE model series, was launched at the 2013 Elmia Wood exhibition. The launch gave start to a complete modernisation of the model series, focusing specifically on improved productivity and ergonomics alongside higher serviceability. So far, more than 500 Scorpions have been sold in 20 different countries, and more than 100 have been sold in Sweden.

PONSSE ActiveFrame, the most comfortable suspension system in the market, is now also available for harvesters

PONSSE ActiveFrame is a whole new cabin suspension system for eight-wheel machines. ­It levels out any roughness of the terrain and keeps the cabin horizontal at all times. This makes working more effective as the cabin is always horizontal when using the crane. In addition to forwarders, the ActiveFrame solution is now also available for the PONSSE Ergo 8w harvester, Ponsse's most popular harvester model.

ActiveFrame has a simple and functional structure, effectively suspending any sideways movement directed at the operator allowing e.g. higher driving speeds for forwarders. As a result, any stress on the body is much smaller than before. The operator's comfort is a central factor in terms of productivity and quality. When operators do not tire from the roughness of the terrain, they remain more alert and can focus on work, even through a long shift.

The suspension system actively keeps the cabin horizontal, following the shape of the ground surface at all times. Thanks to the dual frame structure, the pivot point of the suspension system is very low at the level of the bogie axle, which efficiently eliminates any swaying directed at the operator. The solution is technologically close to the PONSSE Scorpion levelling system, in which separate sensors have been replaced by reliable components built in the control module. The maximum angle of levelling in Ergo is fourteen degrees, seven on both sides.

Another innovation to improve operator ergonomics is the new PONSSE Seat. It is the first seat designed exclusively for forest machines. The adjustments and extra strong base structure of PONSSE Seat provide forest machine operators with the best possible comfort. Combined with the strong structure, the new seat better suspends any swings and impacts directed at the operator.

The first VR training simulator

Ponsse is the first forest machine manufacturer to launch a virtual reality (VR) training simulator. VR headsets can be added to all PONSSE Full simulator models as optional equipment. VR headsets raise the simulator experience to a whole new level: they help the operator to perceive the environment and machine functions much better than in conventional simulators. The solution uses HTC Vive headsets and sensors to display images correctly. As a result, operators feel like they are actually in the forest and the driving experience feels more real – the environment can be explored by simply turning the head. By better perceiving distances and dimensions, it is also easier to train with the crane. The Full simulator can also be used without any headsets as before by simply switching it to the regular simulator mode through the user interface. 

PONSSE Manager for managing the functions of forest machine companies  

PONSSE Manager is a tool for the real-time management of the operations of forest machine companies. It provides real-time, comprehensive information about the machine fleet – both on its performance and sites. Detailed information about the productivity of the machine fleet supports the profitable operations of companies and keeps entrepreneurs up to date about matters affecting profitability. 

The Manager system guides companies in the productive use of their machines, maximising the efficiency and productivity of the fleet and minimising its downtime. The informative and easy-to-use tool with clear graphics helps companies to maintain their harvester fleet and improves the efficiency of work planning and reporting.  

Communication between operators and the company is also easier. Data is transferred automatically from the machine without the operator having to send files during harvesting. The machine operator can monitor and guide the daily operations of the company on a smartphone, tablet or computer, regardless of location.  

Fleet Management is a PONSSE Manager component for managing and monitoring field operations and the progress of harvesting in real time. Fleet Management displays the condition of the machine and the production volume of the machines by ­stand in real time. The application displays the cut total volume, breakdown of assortments and the average size of trees for each on-going stand. The map view and information about the progress of stands also make efficient planning of machine transfers possible. Machines are in the right place at the right time, with less time spent waiting for transfers, and their maintenance can be timed correctly. 

PONSSE Manager's Ecodrive function is a system that instructs the operator and gives measured feedback, for example, on the impact of maintenance on machine productivity. The function makes it possible to monitor the productivity and work phases of an individual machine in detail. Work phase-specific indicators serve to develop working methods to be more productive and economical and ensure the functionality of the adjustments of the machine.  

Major investments in quality and the future 

In addition to R&D investments, Ponsse invests heavily in the development of its production and network. A record number of forest machines was produced at Ponsse's Vieremä factory last year. Currently, the factory is undergoing a significant expansion, as a result of which the factory area will expand from 2.7 hectares to four hectares. The aim of this expansion and machine investments is to improve quality and flexibility alongside increased productivity and occupational safety. However, Ponsse invests in more than just its production. This year, new service centres have been opened in Uruguay and in the south of France and, by the end of the year, the UK service centre will move to new modern facilities. Last year, Ponsse expanded its Iisalmi central warehouse which serves Ponsse's international network. At the same time, new service facilities were opened in the United States and in Russia.  

Ponsse's Elmia Wood stand no. 899 features harvesting demonstrations using machines of the new PONSSE model series every day at 10 am, 12 noon, 2 pm and 4 pm.  I wish everyone warmly welcome to come and see our PONSSE forest machines and services and us Ponsse's representatives!



Jarmo Vidgrén
Sales and Marketing Director 

Jarmo Vidgrén, Sales and Marketing Director, Ponsse Plc, tel. +358 40 519 1486