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angle-left New technology from Ponsse to support higher productivity

New technology from Ponsse to support higher productivity

 \nThe new PONSSE model series will be introduced at the FinnMETKO exhibition in its full glory. The model series has been supplemented with solutions that focus particularly on improving the operator's driving comfort and working efficiency, as well as increasing the efficiency and management of forest machine companies. The new PONSSE Manager operations management system for forest machine entrepreneurs and PONSSE ActiveFrame suspension system for the PONSSE Ergo harvester will have their premiere at the exhibition.

PONSSE Manager for managing the operations of forest machine companies 

PONSSE Manager is a tool for the real-time administration of the operations of forest machine companies. It provides real-time, comprehensive information about the machine fleet – both on its performance and sites. Detailed information about the productivity of the machine fleet supports the profitable operation of the company. A forest machine is like a mobile production plant and PONSSE Manager keeps the entrepreneur up to date with regard to the factors influencing the profitability of your fleet.

The Manager system guides the company in the productive use of the machine, maximising the efficiency and productivity of the fleet and minimising its downtime. The informative and user-friendly tool with clear graphics helps in maintaining your forest machine fleet and increases the efficiency of work planning and reporting. 

Communication between operators and the company is even easier. Data is transferred automatically from the machine without the operator having to send files in the middle of harvesting. The entrepreneur can monitor and guide the daily operations of the company on a smartphone, tablet and computer regardless of location. If the machine is not within the coverage area of the mobile phone network, data transfer takes place automatically with the PONSSE Sync mobile app. Data is transmitted immediately when the operator's mobile phone is back in the coverage area. 

Fleet Management is the PONSSE Manager component for managing and monitoring field operations and the progress of harvesting in real time. Fleet Management displays the condition of the machine and the production volume of the machines by stand in real time. The application displays the cut total volume, breakdown of timber grades and average size of trees for each on-going stand.

The map view and information about the progress of stands also make efficient planning of machine transfers possible. The machines are in the right place at the right time, with less time spent waiting for transfers and servicing timed correctly.

The functions of Fleet Management support the everyday work of both the entrepreneur and operator. The application informs the entrepreneur in real time what is happening with the machine, and the operator can focus on the actual work.

PONSSE Manager's Ecodrive function is a system that instructs the user and gives measured feedback on the effect of servicing on the productivity of the machine, for example. The function makes it possible to monitor the productivity and work phases of an individual machine in detail. Work phase-specific indicators make it possible to develop working methods to be more productive and economical and ensure the functionality of the adjustments of the machine. 

Popular PONSSE ActiveFrame now also available for harvesters

The PONSSE ActiveFrame is a cabin suspension system that levels out any roughness in the terrain while working, keeping the cabin horizontal at all times. This increases the efficiency of working with the loader and crane and also allows the operator to use higher speeds. Now, PONSSE ActiveFrame is also available for eight-wheel PONSSE Ergo harvesters in addition to forwarders. 

ActiveFrame has a simple and functional structure, suspending any sideways movement directed at the operator effectively. As a result, working is very comfortable and any stress on the body is much smaller than before. The comfort of the operator is a key factor in terms of productivity and quality. When excess swaying does not stress the operator, the operator remains more alert and is able to focus on working, even during longer shifts. 

The system does not react to swaying afterwards; it keeps the cabin horizontal actively, following the ground profile. The machine has two pivot-mounted front frames, one of which includes the front bogie and the other includes the cabin. Thanks to the dual frame structure, the pivot point of the ActiveFrame suspension system is very low at the level of the bogie axle. This eliminates any swings directed at the operator as efficiently as possible. The maximum angle of levelling in Ergo is seven degrees.

Ponsse's stand no 8 will feature daily harvesting demonstrations with the machines of the new PONSSE model series and additional information about our new products. Harvesting demonstrations will be held daily at 10 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. 

Welcome to see how the future of the forest machines looks like! 

Vieremä, 31 August 2016

Jarmo Vidgrén
Sales and Marketing Director

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