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PONSSE Fox Harvester is a fuel-efficient and productive combination of state-of-the-art technology and reliable basic solutions. The driving forces of the Fox are the accurate and powerful crane, good visibility, machine stability and low surface pressure for demanding conditions and soft grounds.

PONSSE Fox – unbeatable agility and power

The eight-wheeled PONSSE Fox is tailor-made for thinning and soft grounds. The crane is powerful and easy to use, and is positioned close to the cabin to ensure excellent visibility of the working area.
 A powerful and efficient engine ensures maximum efficiency for your work. Fox’s unrivalled power comes from its high torque engine, the large 210cc work pump, and efficient hydraulic system. Together these offer smooth power for harvesting with low fuel consumption.

The Fox´s frame is designed with special attention to durability and ease of service. The reliable frame lock equipped with hydraulic cylinders is made robust and acts as a shock absorber during driving. The slim structure of the frame makes it possible to use the right track equipment for all conditions The most distinctive strength of the Fox is the robust, reliable and easy-to-use PONSSE C44+ crane, which is located in the center of the machine. A PONSSE C44+ is a parallel crane, with construction that uses hydraulics instead of mechanical leverage. This makes the crane more fuel-efficient, powerful and it needs less maintenance.

The new PONSSE Fox harvester combines Ponsse’s latest software technology with the best working environment for thinning that is on the market.

PONSSE Manager is our newest service, taking the forest machine digitalisation to a completely new level. PONSSE Manager allows you to easily monitor and control your company’s daily operations. This comprehensive and user-friendly tool helps in maintaining your harvester machines, and makes work planning and reporting more efficient. PONSSE Manager provides real-time, comprehensive data on your fleet, for both performance and sites. Manager can be used conveniently on a smartphone, tablet or PC – and is available for all new PONSSE forest machines.

The PONSSE Fox cabin is the ideal work environment for professionals who appreciate comfort, safety and ergonomics.Thanks to the large cabin, wide window surfaces and thin window columns, the visibility is excellent in all directions. The PONSSE Seat has been specially designed for forest machines from the beginning, and Ponsse has exclusive rights to it from the seat manufacturer. The PONSSE Seat has better adjustments, firmer cushions, more comfortable upholstery and a sturdier base than other seat models. PONSSE Seat is available for all new PONSSE forest machines. The end result is the driver being comfortable and productive throughout the entire work shift.

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For further information:
Juha-Matti Raatikainen, Marketing Manager, tel. +358 40 482 8166,
Jan Kauhanen, Product Manager, harvesters, tel. 040 546 9353,

  • Dedicated to Cut-To-Length logging

    Dedicado a la tala de corte a medida

    Somos el mejor amigo de los forestales, ¡y por una muy buena razón! Nuestras innovadoras soluciones de tala que siguen los principios del desarrollo sostenible siempre se producen específicamente para cada cliente: nuestra misión es ayudar a mejorar el negocio de nuestros clientes al proporcionar productos y servicios confiables.

    Nuestras actividades de I+D nunca se detienen, lo que garantiza que sigamos siendo el número uno. Ponsse diseña sus máquinas junto con sus usuarios. De esta manera, nuestros productos satisfacen las necesidades de cada cliente en todas las condiciones. Es por esto que los productos de Ponsse también se prueban constantemente. Queremos seguir ganándonos la confianza de nuestros clientes.

    Ponsse se especializa en máquinas forestales de corte a medida y sus sistemas de información. También ofrecemos mantenimiento de alta calidad, piezas de repuesto y máquinas de intercambio, de manera segura y confiable. ¡Póngase en contacto con nosotros!:

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    La fábrica de máquinas forestales más moderna del mundo

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    Ponsse es una empresa familiar cuyas raíces se encuentran en las profundidades del campo finlandés.
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    El método de corte a medida es un método de tala moderno y respetuoso con la naturaleza.
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    Las máquinas forestales de Ponsse le ofrecen las mejores herramientas para todas las especies de árbol y todos los entornos de tala.

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