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angle-left Lapland Education Centre and Ponsse launch a simulation-based learning environment
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Lapland Education Centre and Ponsse launch a simulation-based learning environment

Ponsse and Lapland Education Centre REDU today launched an advanced simulation-based learning environment in Rovaniemi, Finland. This also involves the largest simulator deal in Ponsse’s history. 

The simulation learning environment was created through collaboration between Ponsse and REDU, with Ponsse delivering a total of nine PONSSE simulators. One of the simulators is a “Basic” model simulator, three are “Full” model simulators and five are new “Multi” simulators. The Education Centre is now equipped with a total of 11 PONSSE simulators. Students use the equipment in different stages of their learning path from basic studies to the most advanced assignments.

“The new equipment enables more students to be trained at the same time. Simulator training effectively supports forest machine education and provides a good basis for work before students start operating an actual machine”, says Ilkka Rantahalvari, lecturer at Lapland Education Centre REDU.

“Simulator training is safe, economical and effective”, says Harri Savonen, training development manager at Ponsse.

A new virtual world takes studying to a new level

Ponsse’s simulators are equipped with a new virtual world that takes studying with simulators to a whole new level. In addition to the virtual world, new features include a diagnostic tool for training maintenance personnel and head tracking technology for those who cannot use the virtual reality (VR) feature.

Lapland Education Centre REDU has an ongoing MESOT investment project for forest machine simulation, learning and research environment development. The purpose of the project is to strengthen forest machine training in Lapland with the help of learning environments and various learning methods. The collaboration between Ponsse and REDU contributes to the implementation of the project in a significant way.

Further information:

Harri Savonen, manager, Training Development, Ponsse Plc, +358 40 486 5773

Ilkka Rantahalvari, lecturer, Lapland Education Centre REDU, +358 40 571 7724,