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In the eyes of investors Ponsse is a listed company with a good reputation

According to the survey assigned by the Finnish Shareholders’ Association, the Finnish Foundation for Share Promotion and T-Media, listed companies with the best reputation in the eyes of small Finnish investors are Revenio Group, Ponsse and Kone.  

The reputation of the largest listed companies was studied in May and June 2021, with a total of 7,251 small Finnish private investors responding to the survey. The investors gave nearly 16,000 evaluations of large and medium-sized companies listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. Based on the data collected, the reputation of each company was rated on a scale from 1 to 5. Revenio Group received a score of 4.26, Ponsse 4.20, and Kone 4.15.

The survey shows that reputation has a significant impact on private investors’ interest in a listed company and their eagerness to buy stocks. When the structure of listed companies’ reputation was examined as a whole, it was noticed that key factors in reputation include finances, leadership, and products and services. The reputation was measured using the Reputation&Trust survey model, in which the evaluation is based on eight dimensions: governance, financial performance, leadership, innovation, dialogue, products and services, workplace, and responsibility. 

More information about the survey is available on T-Media’s website.