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Base machine: PONSSE Bear and track based machines over 20 tons

Strong structure, highest quality components and powerful processing are a necessity in hard working conditions. Suitable for tracked machines as well as large wheeled harvesters, PONSSE H7 HD offers heavy-duty reliability and performance for rough demands.

PONSSE H7 HD is a heavy-duty harvester head for felling and processing. It can be fitted into tracked carriers and large rubber-wheeled harvesters. It has the same well-known features that make PONSSE H7 popular around the world, but in an even more robust package. The frame is built stronger in the saw box and tilt pin area, and the tilt frame is reinforced to withstand heavy use in tracked machines. Fast and strong feeding and sawing, versatile but easy settings and compact, reliable structure ensure a long and productive lifetime for the head even in the most demanding conditions.

Excellent feeding power and fuel economy are achieved with three feed roller lay-out and easy pressure settings thru Opti control system. The lower feed rollers support the tree from underneath giving good traction while the upper roller location lowers the friction between the harvester head and the tree. Optimal tilt pivot geometry minimize the upwards torque of the head, giving smoother feeding and better grip of the tree.

PONSSE Opti control system is designed specifically for PONSSE harvester heads. All adjustments and settings work perfectly together with the head, offering easy but versatile functions to perfectly fit the base machine and work requirements. PONSSE systems offer mobile follow-up of production and working with either manual or automatic data transfer.


Technische Details - PONSSE H7HD

Gewicht mindestens (abhängig von Ausstattung)
from 1,200 kg (2,646 lbs) excl. rotator
1,500 mm (59 in)
1,540 mm (61 in)
Höhe ohne Rotator
1,680 mm (66 in)
3 rollers
30 kN (6,744 lbf)
5 m/s (16.4 ft/s)
Maximale Öffnung
650 mm (25.6 in)
Anzahl Messer
Maximale Öffnung der vorderen Messer
640 mm (25.2 in)
Maximale Öffnung der hinteren Messer
750 mm (30 in)
Entastungsmesser und Vorschubrollen gesondert steuerbar
28 MPa (4,061 psi)
Gewicht der Basisrmaschine (min)
20-25 tons
Mess- und Steuerungsautomatik
PONSSE Opti control system