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angle-left Einari Vidgrén Foundation is looking for responsible forestry professionals
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Einari Vidgrén Foundation is looking for responsible forestry professionals

The Einari Vidgrén Foundation will reward merited forestry professionals for the 18th time. Applications can now be submitted on the foundation’s website. This year, we are looking for determined top professionals, whose work focuses on broad skills in the forest machine and forest sector, as well as activities in line with the principles of sustainable development. 

Name a sustainable forestry professional to be rewarded

Propose a responsible forestry professional who deserves to be recognised by completing the application form available at evsaatio.fi. Applications can be submitted from 30 March until 4 May 2023. This year, we will give EUR 180,000 in total rewards. The names of merited professionals will be announced in June.

The Einari Award, the main prize of the Einari Vidgrén Foundation, is awarded for long-term activities in the demanding harvesting industry and for professional entrepreneurship in the forest machine sector. The foundation gives awards in four categories: the lifetime achievement award, recognitions, operator awards and student grants. 

Further information: Juha Vidgren, +358 40 518 6286, juha.vidgren@ponsse.com

The goal of the Foundation, established in 2005 by Ponsse Plc’s founder and industrial counsellor Einari Vidgrén, is to increase appreciation for the work done in the field of mechanised harvesting and the responsible activities carried out in the forest industry in line with the principles of sustainable development. The foundation seeks to increase awareness of mechanical harvesting entrepreneurship and its attractiveness as a form of employment, especially among young people.