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NEW! PONSSE Harvester Head Spare Part Packages

PONSSE Harvester Head Spare Part Packages are available for harvester head maintenance and service. Packages are planned to cover spare part needs featured by each head type. Packages are suitable for a spare part reserve at workshop or logging site.

PONSSE Harvester Head Spare Part Packages:

- Improve efficiency by minimizing machine downtime. Parts needed for maintenances and services are available fast.
- Save money: Package price is cheaper than parts bought separately. Lowers maintenance and service costs, because parts needed have fast availibility
and easy utilization.
- Save time: No need to pick separate parts for harvester head maintenances or services.

Packages comes in a sturdy and multiusable plywood box. Smaller parts are packed in plastic bags with item information labels and larger parts have their own item information labels. There are two types of packages:

1. Basic package can be used to restore and maintain harvester heads performance.
2. Extended package is a spare part reserve, that can be used to overhaul, maintain or quickly restore harvester heads performance

Attention! No hose assemblies or optional equipment parts included (colour marking, top saw etc.)

H6-H8 packages suitable for:

- BSP hoses (H8 HD ORFS hoses)
- CT+ chain tensioner (latest model)
- Bucher saw motor
- Propo chain oil lubrication
- Standard spiked measuring wheel (Not Euca)
- Feed roller measuring (Euca)

H10 suitable for:

- BSP hoses
- SC300 saw unit
- 4-piece metering wheel

When ordering always inform harvester head serial number.

Order number Harvester head Seriel number Package type
0080198 H6 670442-> BASIC
0080199 H6 670442-> EXTENDED
0077543 H7 760001-> BASIC
0077544 H7 760001-> EXTENDED
0081228 H7 Euca 810001-> BASIC
0081237 H7 Euca 810001-> EXTENDED
0079975 H77 Euca 790000 -> BASIC
0079999 H77 Euca 790000 -> EXTENDED
0078651 H8 840001-> BASIC
0078650 H8 840001-> EXTENDED
0080346 H8 HD D010001-> BASIC
0080372 H8 HD D010001-> EXTENDED
0081260 H10 850015-> BASIC
0081261 H10 850015-> EXTENDED