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angle-left Ponsse to start cooperation with Tampere University
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Ponsse to start cooperation with Tampere University

Ponsse and Tampere University have today signed a cooperation agreement to support research and education at Tampere University (TAU) and to strengthen the competence of Ponsse Group’s personnel.\n 

Ponsse and Tampere University will engage in cooperation in key research fields for the research and development of forest machines. This cooperation will be aimed particularly at automation systems for mobile machines, software development and energy-efficient operations, as well as solutions and systems for smart machines. Another aim is to protect Finnish competence in these fields, which is at an excellent level, also on an international scale.

“Ponsse’s goal is to be the leader in sustainable harvesting, and new technologies enable constantly eco-friendlier technical solutions. Automation and digitalisation are heavily steering the research and development of forest machines. Technological development is incredibly fast, and forest machines represent the highest peak in terms of mobile machines. This cooperation with Tampere University is one of the steps that help us to protect Ponsse’s position as the leading R&D company in the industry,” says Juho Nummela, President and CEO of Ponsse Plc.

Cooperation based on good results

Ponsse has already cooperated with Tampere University before this. In addition to receiving guidance for master’s and doctor’s theses, the two have been engaged in research cooperation, both by means of assignments and projects. Good results have brought Ponsse and Tampere University closer together year after year. Currently, Ponsse and Epec Oy, Ponsse’s subsidiary which develops control systems for mobile machines, also have an R&D unit on the Tampere University campus. The unit mainly employs designers from the research fields covered by this cooperation agreement. Ponsse Group’s other R&D units are located in Ponsse’s factory in Vieremä, in Kajaani and in Epec Oy’s production unit in Seinäjoki.

With this three-year cooperation agreement, Ponsse and Tampere University commit to engaging in goal-driven research and educational cooperation until the end of January 2023. This partnership focuses on innovative operating models for continuous learning and Tampere University’s cooperation with the business sector.

“We are happy to strengthen our long-term partnership in forest machine automation, software development and data processing. This cooperation with Ponsse also gives opportunities to Tampere University to develop concrete practices for continuous learning,” says Mari Walls, President of Tampere University.

Mari Walls, President of Tampere University and Juho Nummela, President and CEO of Ponsse Plc

Vieremä, 5 February 2020



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