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angle-left Ponsse’s President and CEO Juho Nummela named businessperson of the year
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Ponsse’s President and CEO Juho Nummela named businessperson of the year

Ponsse Plc’s President and CEO Juho Nummela was named businessperson of the year (Vuoden Liikemies) in an annual event held by Suomen Liikemiesyhdistys in cooperation with Kauppalehti and Aalto University.  This marked the first time when the second person from a single company has received the recognition. Ponsse’s founder Einari Vidgrén was presented with the recognition in 1997.

The choice for the businessperson of the year (Vuoden Liikemies) was published on Monday evening in an event held in Helsinki. The criteria for the recognition mentioned that Juho Nummela combines the characteristics of modern sustainable leadership. According to the jury, Juho Nummela implements principles in which responsible operations, transparency and the engagement of stakeholders have produced both financial success and success measurable in employee experiences.

“Juho Nummela’s leadership exhibits a simultaneous respect for the company’s roots and the creation of something new. These new things are created in cooperation with every Ponsse employee, which allows Nummela himself to be inspired by a common drive to develop the company, regardless of the organisational level.  Nummela is a manager who engages his employees in genuine dialogue and sets an example when it comes to the leadership capabilities of a new age,” said the statement given by the jury.

Juho Nummela’s time as the President and CEO of Ponsse has included some major turning points. He took up his position right before the international financial crisis, which also had a strong impact on Ponsse’s operations. Right now, the people working at Vieremä are busy taking the company’s biggest factory investment into use.

Juho Nummela has a doctorate in technology. He has been Ponsse Plc’s President and CEO for ten years, since 2008. He began his career at Ponsse Plc as a thesis worker in 2002, and continued as the company’s Quality and IT Director in 2005–2006 and as its Factory Director in 2006–2008. Nummela received the Future CEO of the Year recognition in 2017.

Established in 1896, Suomen Liikemiesyhdistys is an organisation aiming to promote the interests of the business entrepreneurs’ community. During the course of its history, the association established Kauppalehti’s and participated in the establishment of School of Business’s, for example. The association’s Vuoden Liikemies recognition has been awarded since 1980.

Recipients of the Vuoden Liikemies recognition 1980–2018:
2018 Juho Nummela, President and CEO, Ponsse Plc
2017 Mika Sutinen, CEO, Musti ja Mirri Oy/Board professional
2016 Paula Salastie, CEO, Teknos Group
2015 Mikko Wirén, CEO, Pihlajalinna Plc
2014 Aaro Cantell, Chair of the Board of Directors, Normet Group Oy
2013 Fred Larsen, President and CEO, Lamor Corporation Ab
2012 Johanna Ikäheimo, Chair of the Board of Directors, Lappset Group Oy
2011 Jukka Roiha, Chair of the Board of Directors, Lindström Oy
2010 Juha Nurminen, Chair of the Board of Directors, Nurminen Logistics, John Nurminen Foundation

2009 Anne Berner, Managing Director, Oy Vallila Interior Ab
2008 Jari Sarasvuo, CEO, Trainers’ House Oy
2007 Jussi Nurmio, Managing Director, Taivas Oy
2006 Mauri Ikola, CEO, Vepsäläinen konserni
2005 Jouko Kemppi, Chair of the Board of Directors, Kemppi Oy
2004 Rabbe Grönblom, Chair of the Board of Directors, Kotipizza Group
2003 Mika Anttonen, Managing Director, Greeni Oy
2002 Ilkka Brotherus, CEO, Sinituote Oy
2001 Stig Gustavson, President and CEO, KCI Konecranes Plc

1999 Pentti Rotola-Pukkila, Managing Director, P. Rotola-Pukkila Oy
1998 Kirsti Paakkanen, President and CEO, Marimekko Oy
1997 Einari Vidgrén, Chair of the Board of Director, Ponsse Plc
1996 George Berner, CEO, Berner Ltd
1995 Erkki J. Toivanen, Onninen Oy
1994 Stig Lindström, Managing Director, Lival Oy
1993 Heikki Kyöstilä, President, Planmeca Oy
1992 Jorma Nieminen, Managing Director, Benefon Oy
1991 Yrjö Toivola, Chair of the Board of Directors, Vaisala Oy
1990 Matti T. Martela, Chair of the Board of Directors, Martela Oy

1989 Reijo Vauhkonen, Chair of the Board of Directors, Suomen Vuolukivi Oy
1988 Pekka Paasikivi, Managing Director, Oras Oy
1987 Hannu Seppälä, Managing Director, Seppälä Oy
1986 Arvo Suutari Ruusutarhat, Managing Director, Arvo Suutari Oy
1985 Seppo Halttunen, Managing Director, Halton Oy
1984 Heikki O. Salonen, President and CEO, Amer-yhtymä Oy
1983 Gary Sundberg, CEO, Teknolon Group
1982 Gustav von Hertzen, Managing Director, Suomen Sokeri Oy
1981 Veijo Sydänmetsä, Managing Director, Pyhännän Rakennustuote Oy
1980 Jorma Nokkala, Managing Director, Tmi Nokka-Koneet

Vieremä, 24 September, 2018


Further information:
Juho Nummela, President and CEO, Ponsse Plc tel. +358 40 049 5690