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PONSSE Simulator (1)

Simulator training is an efficient way of teaching future operators the basic functions of a forest machine. In addition, simulators are an economic means of providing sufficient practice before moving on to training that takes place in the forest environment. PONSSE Simulators provide a modern learning environment for training that involves the operation of harvesters and forwarders and the PONSSE Opti data systems. Our range of simulators ranges from harvester simulators to forwarder simulators.

A PONSSE Simulator allows trainees to get a grip on the different work stages of the entire machine chain. In addition to being able to work and transport the machine freely around the logging site and view the landscape from different perspectives. Operators can also transport the wood they have processed with a harvester to a forwarder. This allows for the inclusion of an evaluation of the work’s results and productivity in the training.

Our simulators are also available with optional equipment such as three-screen systems, calibration measuring callipers and SimTrainer training management systems, with which to design course modules for driving trainees. The courses include text manuals, image and video-based manuals and simulator exercises.

The PONSSE Simulator is an excellent tool for training operators and drivers, regardless of whether the training objectives consist of basic training, product training or adjustment training.