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Topping-out ceremony for Ponsse's new logistics centre

The construction work for Ponsse's new logistics centre has reached the final stage, and a topping-out ceremony is held in Iisalmi on Friday 15 February. The new logistics centre, with a floor area of 4,500 m² and storage space of 42,000 m3, will be Ponsse's most important investment this year. The cost estimate for the logistics centre is approximately EUR 6 million. Each year, more than 100,000 separate shipments are sent from Iisalmi to the PONSSE service network. The construction work for the new logistics centre was started in autumn 2012, and the new premises will be taken into use during summer 2013.

The logistics centre will be an important part of the PONSSE services. The centre will accommodate a central warehouse for spare parts, maintaining Ponsse's local spare part supplies tailored for each country and continent and taking care of regular frame deliveries for them. Ponsse's international service network includes a total of 150 service and spare part centres. At the moment, the central warehouse is located in the Iisalmi service centre, next to the new logistics centre. The significance of the logistics centre is also emphasised by the inventory value: EUR 20 million.

"The logistics centre is a very important investment for us. The market situation is challenging for all forest machine manufacturers, Ponsse included. However, we want to invest in the constant development of services offered to our customers. Without investment, we cannot remain competitive," says Jarmo Vidgrén, Sales and Marketing Director of Ponsse Plc. 

Quick access to spare parts is essential for forest machine entrepreneurs: a machine must not remain at standstill and unproductive for days. Because of the different customs regulations and transport times, Ponsse has extensive and locally customised spare parts supplies in the various markets. However, the central warehouse also needs to be able to accomplish fast deliveries. In the best case, a spare part can be delivered from Iisalmi to Sweden or Central Europe the next day.

According to Jarmo Vidgrén, the logistics centre is first and foremost an investment in the delivery reliability and speed of spare parts, while also serving as an investment in the working conditions of warehouse workers. New, automated functions improve the working conditions of employees and enable night and weekend work to be decreased.

Proximity to the factory ensures flexibility 

The storage facilities of the new logistics centre encompass 22,000 different items, 7,000 pallet spaces and modern materials-handling automation. Delivery management 24/7 of this scale requires the use of high technology in logistics control and inventory management. In the new logistics centre, the flow of information and materials is controlled at all stages of the process, from the reception of goods to shelving, picking and automated shipment documentation. The new inventory management system also enables a gradual increase in the degree of automation as required.

The share of in-house manufacture in PONSSE machines is approximately 70 %, and the factory in Vieremä produces a large share of the spare parts for PONSSE forest machines. Ponsse's central warehouse is located 25 kilometres from Ponsse's factory in Vieremä. The short distance is important so that cooperation between production and the service business runs smoothly and customers can be guaranteed a comprehensive spare parts service, also for older machine models.

Ponsse's service centre in Iisalmi includes approximately 100 employees, 25 of whom will move to the logistics centre currently under construction. In the design of the new logistics centre, special attention has been paid to environmentally friendly heating and recycling solutions. The logistics centre is heated using geothermal energy, and the recycling of waste materials will be brought to a whole new level. The premises that will become free in the service centre will be used for repair shop and training activities later on. 

Vieremä, 14 February 2013 


Jarmo Vidgrén
Sales and Marketing Director  

Jarmo Vidgrén, Sales and Marketing Director, +358 40 519 1486
Jussi Kärkkäinen, Logistics Manager, tel. +358 40 509 8635


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