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70 years since the birth of Einari Vidgrén

“We never go so deep that we can’t get back up”

Einari Vidgrén memorial

This was the motto of Einari Vidgrén from Vieremä, founder of the forest machine company Ponsse Plc, who passed away in 2010. The son of a of a small-scale farmer, he went to elementary school before working his way from the frozen soil of the Savo region to logging sites all around the world through hard work, concerted effort and resourcefulness. The company he founded grew from a village workshop into one of the largest forest machine manufacturers in the world, and the wealth of this logger increased from a frame saw to one the largest fortunes in Finland as the owner of a listed company.

Today, Ponsse Plc has 1,000 employees and operates internationally in 40 countries. All PONSSE forest machines are still manufactured in Einari’s home village, Vieremä. On Thursday 7 February 2013, it will be 70 years since Einari Vidgrén was born.

Einari Vidgrén’s values and entrepreneurship continue through both Ponsse and the foundation which bears his name. In 2005, Industrial Counsellor Einari Vidgrén founded the Einari Vidgrén Foundation, the purpose of which is to increase the appreciation of work in mechanised timber harvesting. The purpose of the Foundation is to heighten awareness of the entrepreneurship related to timber harvesting and to make the mechanised harvesting sector more interesting as a potential workplace, especially among young people.

This year, the Foundation is rewarding forestry experts with grants totalling EUR 80,000. The awards can also be applied for internationally. Applications, together with their justification, must be sent through the Foundation’s website at by Monday 15 April. The awards will be presented at a ceremony in Vieremä in May.

The Einari Vidgrén Foundation gives theEinari Awardto distinguished logging companies as its main recognition. Einari Recognitionsare awarded to research and development parties active in mechanised timber harvesting, developers of training in the sector and parties that promote awareness of the sector and increase its appreciation. In addition, the Foundation givesEinari Operator’s Awardsto meritorious forest machine operators andEinari Scholarshipsto talented students in the forestry equipment field.

The “Ponsse and Me” photo gallery

Einari Vidgrén’s life’s work is also celebrated at Ponsse’s website, where we will collect throughout the year pictures of people and families whose lives are influenced by Ponsse.

With these pictures we want to express what the Ponsse legacy means today, after more than 8,500 PONSSE forest machines have been manufactured in Vieremä, and how Einari Vidgrén’s life's work has affected the lives of numerous logging entrepreneurs and Ponsse employees all over the world.

Einari Vidgrén’s life and the history of Ponsse are a cross-section of the history of mechanised timber harvesting from the first load-carrying forwarders to modern, environmentally friendly eight-wheeled harvesters. The forest industry is changing and developing, but the driving force in the field is still the logging professionals who work every day in the forests of the world, often in very rough conditions.

Picture material is collected at the website: “Ponsse and Me” In addition to pictures, you can also send videos and texts.

Vieremä, 5 February 2013


Juha Vidgrén
Chairman of the Board                                                                                        

Juha Vidgrén, tel. +358 40 518 6286 (Einari Vidgrén Foundation’s website)